The Write House is revolutionizing the way lawyers write

Transforming one’s formal or legal writing from the conventional style of using archaisms, legalese, and verbosity to plain English is not an easy shift. It is a shift that requires putting clients’ or community’s satisfaction above pleasing oneself. At last week’s Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, The Write House showed participants from various parts of the country how to transform their writing.

After introducing participants to its plain English movement on the opening day of the training Wednesday 26 October 2016, The Write House taught participants how to write to join the top 1% of the global legal profession.

Chinua Asuzu, Dean of The Write House, taught participants language skills and techniques to improve their documents. Mr Asuzu also showed participants how they can begin sentences with ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘but’ for effects. Participants also learnt how to use bullets, italics, numbers, enumeration, tabulations, etc. to enhance clarity and readability. Mr Asuzu emphasized the importance of being clear, comprehensible, concise, cogent, and complete– what Mr Asuzu described as the 5 Cs of legal writing.

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A 3-day Legal Writing Workshop by The Write House kicks off at Oriental Hotel Lagos

Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, a course on excellent legal writing, kicked off at Oriental Hotel Lagos yesterday Wednesday 26 October 2016. The 3-day program is one of the courses offered by The Write House.

This power-packed workshop was attended by lawyers from both private firms and public agencies. The course objectives include encouraging participants to join the Plain English movement in legal writing; phasing out the use of archaic words, legalese, and unnecessary Latin maxims from legal documents; teaching techniques of drafting concise letters and pleadings; instilling grammar, style, syntax and usage improvements that enhance persuasive power in legal writing; and teaching clarity in legal prose.

The participants, including our correspondent in Lagos, were giving a refresher course on how to use nouns and verbs effectively in drafting documents.

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