A 3-day Legal Writing Workshop by The Write House kicks off at Oriental Hotel Lagos

Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, a course on excellent legal writing, kicked off at Oriental Hotel Lagos yesterday Wednesday 26 October 2016. The 3-day program is one of the courses offered by The Write House.

This power-packed workshop was attended by lawyers from both private firms and public agencies. The course objectives include encouraging participants to join the Plain English movement in legal writing; phasing out the use of archaic words, legalese, and unnecessary Latin maxims from legal documents; teaching techniques of drafting concise letters and pleadings; instilling grammar, style, syntax and usage improvements that enhance persuasive power in legal writing; and teaching clarity in legal prose.

The participants, including our correspondent in Lagos, were giving a refresher course on how to use nouns and verbs effectively in drafting documents.

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