Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, 26-28 Oct 2016, Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos

Learned Writing 26-28 Oct 2016
Good writing is the most critical and yet the rarest skill in law.

Listen to Bryan Garner: “Writing is one of the two great skills that will advance your career in law. (The other is people skills.) If you can write well, you must necessarily do other things well: analyze cogently, organize logically, distill accurately, argue persuasively, cite knowledgeably, punctuate skillfully, and phrase smoothly.”

Boost your writing skills by taking part in our legal-writing workshops. Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense is an intensive and interactive 3-day workshop, with exercises, group tasks, and expert guidance. Download course outline here.

Target Participants
• Advocates
• Court and Tribunal Clerks, Registrars, Deputy Registrars, and Officials
• Customs & Excise Lawyers
• Espionage Lawyers
• General Counsel and Heads of Legal Departments
• In-House Counsel
• Intelligence & Security Lawyers
• Legislative aides, drafters, and staff
• Judges and Justices
• Judicial Assistants and Clerks
• Judicial and Legal Correspondents, Editors, and Journalists
• Justice Ministry staff
• Law Officers and lawyers in ministries, departments, and agencies
• Law Reporters
• Law Students
• Law Teachers
• Legal personnel in banks, corporations, debt recovery agencies, and oil companies
• Legal personnel in intelligence, law enforcement, prosecutorial, security, and tax enforcement agencies
• Legal Practitioners
• Legislative Drafters
• Magistrates
• Military Lawyers
• Paralegals
• Prosecutors
• Solicitors
• State Counsel

Dates: Wed 26-Fri 28 Oct 2016
Time: 9am-5pm each day
Venue: Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos
Fee: N200,000

Please pay to The Write House, 0153954433, GTBank.

    If you pay by online transfer, enter your full name in the Reference or Remarks column of your bank’s online platform, or email transfer advice to info@writehouse.org.
    If you deposit cash or cheque, add your name to the deposit slip, and email it to info@writehouse.org.
    Once we confirm your payment, we shall register you and prepare your certificate in advance.
    If you’re unable to attend, you can defer or transfer your registration.

Senator 0806 735 1417
Kome 0806 092 6746
Ololade 0806 261 4730

The Write House
Email info@writehouse.org

Video on ‘The Uncommon Law of Learned Writing’ by Chinua Asuzu

This video introduces The Write House’s new book, The Uncommon Law of Learned Writing.

The Uncommon Law of Learned Writing encourages and motivates lawyers and nonlawyers alike to prefer plain English to the legalese and verbosity that has besmirched legal writing for centuries.

Please view and share this video by email and on social media. https://youtu.be/uAXBquo5haw

Call a spade a ‘spade’- Kayode Sofola SAN

Kayode Sofola SAN reminds advocates to call a spade a spade, and not an agricultural implement. Sofola has a firm command of English and an ear for the apt expression. He is blessed with a literary turn of mind. He also points out that people would say methodology when method would do just fine; conditionality for condition; and usage for use. Emulate the eminent silk and prefer the shorter, simpler, punchier word.