The Write House is revolutionizing the way lawyers write

Transforming one’s formal or legal writing from the conventional style of using archaisms, legalese, and verbosity to plain English is not an easy shift. It is a shift that requires putting clients’ or community’s satisfaction above pleasing oneself. At last week’s Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, The Write House showed participants from various parts of the country how to transform their writing.

After introducing participants to its plain English movement on the opening day of the training Wednesday 26 October 2016, The Write House taught participants how to write to join the top 1% of the global legal profession.

Chinua Asuzu, Dean of The Write House, taught participants language skills and techniques to improve their documents. Mr Asuzu also showed participants how they can begin sentences with ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘but’ for effects. Participants also learnt how to use bullets, italics, numbers, enumeration, tabulations, etc. to enhance clarity and readability. Mr Asuzu emphasized the importance of being clear, comprehensible, concise, cogent, and complete– what Mr Asuzu described as the 5 Cs of legal writing.

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A 3-day Legal Writing Workshop by The Write House kicks off at Oriental Hotel Lagos

Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, a course on excellent legal writing, kicked off at Oriental Hotel Lagos yesterday Wednesday 26 October 2016. The 3-day program is one of the courses offered by The Write House.

This power-packed workshop was attended by lawyers from both private firms and public agencies. The course objectives include encouraging participants to join the Plain English movement in legal writing; phasing out the use of archaic words, legalese, and unnecessary Latin maxims from legal documents; teaching techniques of drafting concise letters and pleadings; instilling grammar, style, syntax and usage improvements that enhance persuasive power in legal writing; and teaching clarity in legal prose.

The participants, including our correspondent in Lagos, were giving a refresher course on how to use nouns and verbs effectively in drafting documents.

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Free Online Judging School by The Write House

Online Judging School by The Write House

Online Judging School is for Judges and Magistrates.

Are you are a judge or magistrate? Do you want to have access to quality judicial-writing lectures, tips, and even private consultations wherever you are?

Join free Online Judging School, a judicial-writing platform by The Write House.

Online Judging School is accessible on WhatsApp, an instant-messaging app you can install on your mobile phone in seconds.

Learning Goals
Online Judging School will be help you achieve the following goals:

1. Articulate and express your decisions efficiently and comprehensively;

2. Prepare sound decisions by sharpening your analytical skills; honing your issue-spotting acumen; and deepening your precedent-application prowess; and

3. Manage your cases efficiently and effectively.

Subjects taught

  • Case Management
  • Judicial Writing
  • Classes

    Participate in our weekly classes every Sundays, 8pm-9pm, WhatsApp.

    Special Offers

    We have career-enhancing offers, including:

  • Public workshops on judicial writing;
  • Inhouse training programs on judicial writing;
  • Books on judicial writing;
  • Special offers on legal-writing workshops and freebies; and
  • more …
  • We have Credibility.
    The Write House created Online Judging School to teach judicial writing and case management. We have trained up to 200 law firms, courts, and agencies in Legal writing. Chinua Asuzu, the facilitator, is the author of several works on legal writing, including “Judicial Writing: a Benchmark for the Bench”.

    We have integrity.
    At Online Judging School, we assure you of confidentiality, dignity, and privacy.

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    Send your WhatsApp number and email address to Senator Iyere Ihenyen 0806 735 1417. Please send as a WhatsApp message. We treat all information as confidential.

    Free Legal Writing Classroom on WhatsApp!

    Have you ever imagined a free legal-writing classroom you can take with you wherever you go? In this Classroom, you enjoy easy access to legal-writing lectures, materials, tips, and more. And you get all these for free. Absolutely free!

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    When you join our class, you benefit a lot.

    By joining our Legal Writing Classroom, you will:

    1. improve your communication and legal-writing skills;
    2. appreciate that today’s clients expect lawyers to speak the language that clients speak in their businesses, not legal jargon;
    3. learn to avoid the legalese and verbosity that have plagued legal writing for centuries;
    4. understand that the law is for everyone, not just for lawyers; and
    5. prepare yourself for the new demands of the legal marketplace in line with international best practices.

    Special Offers
    We also have career-enhancing offers, including:

    • public workshops on legal writing;
    • inhouse training programs on legal writing;
    • books on legal writing;
    • special discounts on our workshops, freebies, and tips on legal writing;
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    Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, 26-28 Oct 2016, Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos

    Learned Writing 26-28 Oct 2016
    Good writing is the most critical and yet the rarest skill in law.

    Listen to Bryan Garner: “Writing is one of the two great skills that will advance your career in law. (The other is people skills.) If you can write well, you must necessarily do other things well: analyze cogently, organize logically, distill accurately, argue persuasively, cite knowledgeably, punctuate skillfully, and phrase smoothly.”

    Boost your writing skills by taking part in our legal-writing workshops. Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense is an intensive and interactive 3-day workshop, with exercises, group tasks, and expert guidance. Download course outline here.

    Target Participants
    • Advocates
    • Court and Tribunal Clerks, Registrars, Deputy Registrars, and Officials
    • Customs & Excise Lawyers
    • Espionage Lawyers
    • General Counsel and Heads of Legal Departments
    • In-House Counsel
    • Intelligence & Security Lawyers
    • Legislative aides, drafters, and staff
    • Judges and Justices
    • Judicial Assistants and Clerks
    • Judicial and Legal Correspondents, Editors, and Journalists
    • Justice Ministry staff
    • Law Officers and lawyers in ministries, departments, and agencies
    • Law Reporters
    • Law Students
    • Law Teachers
    • Legal personnel in banks, corporations, debt recovery agencies, and oil companies
    • Legal personnel in intelligence, law enforcement, prosecutorial, security, and tax enforcement agencies
    • Legal Practitioners
    • Legislative Drafters
    • Magistrates
    • Military Lawyers
    • Paralegals
    • Prosecutors
    • Solicitors
    • State Counsel

    Dates: Wed 26-Fri 28 Oct 2016
    Time: 9am-5pm each day
    Venue: Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos
    Fee: N200,000

    Please pay to The Write House, 0153954433, GTBank.

      If you pay by online transfer, enter your full name in the Reference or Remarks column of your bank’s online platform, or email transfer advice to
      If you deposit cash or cheque, add your name to the deposit slip, and email it to
      Once we confirm your payment, we shall register you and prepare your certificate in advance.
      If you’re unable to attend, you can defer or transfer your registration.

    Senator 0806 735 1417
    Kome 0806 092 6746
    Ololade 0806 261 4730

    The Write House