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Transforming one’s formal or legal writing from the conventional style of using archaisms, legalese, and verbosity to plain English is not an easy shift. It is a shift that requires putting clients’ or community’s satisfaction above pleasing oneself. At last week’s Learned Writing: Sense & Nonsense, The Write House showed participants from various parts of the country how to transform their writing.

After introducing participants to its plain English movement on the opening day of the training Wednesday 26 October 2016, The Write House taught participants how to write to join the top 1% of the global legal profession.

Chinua Asuzu, Dean of The Write House, taught participants language skills and techniques to improve their documents. Mr Asuzu also showed participants how they can begin sentences with ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘but’ for effects. Participants also learnt how to use bullets, italics, numbers, enumeration, tabulations, etc. to enhance clarity and readability. Mr Asuzu emphasized the importance of being clear, comprehensible, concise, cogent, and complete– what Mr Asuzu described as the 5 Cs of legal writing.

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Brief-Writing Masterclass, 14-16 Dec 2016, Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos

Brief-Writing Masterclass Dec 2016

“A brief should be luminous, not voluminous.”- Irvin Taylor

Research and write persuasive briefs, submissions, and written addresses.

Filter your persuasive-writing prowess through the alembic of The Write House’s astounding and outstanding pedagogy.

Then you can implement writing that captures judicial imagination.

When you write as we teach, the judiciary will fall in love with your majestic prose, while looking askance at your opponent’s lumpen apologetics.

Brief-Writing Masterclass is a mixed grill of law, linguistics, logic, psychology, rhetoric, and semantics. Its boldly interdisciplinary pedagogy makes this course indisputably nonpareil.

Brief-Writing Masterclass will:
1. sharpen your analytical skills- you’ll learn to analyze facts, issues, and authorities;
2. hone your issue-spotting acumen- you’ll learn to identify and diagnose legal issues; and
3. deepen your precedent-application prowess- you’ll learn to synthesize helpful precedents and apply them with aplomb.

Download course outline here.

Dates: Wed 14-Fri 16 Dec2016
Time: 9am-5pm each day
Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos
Fees: N200,000

Please pay to The Write House, 0153954433, GTBank.

    If you pay by online transfer, enter your full name in the Reference or Remarks column of your bank’s online platform, or email transfer advice to
    If you deposit cash or cheque, add your name to the deposit slip, and email it to
    Once we confirm your payment, we shall register you and prepare your certificate in advance.
    If you’re unable to attend, you can defer or transfer your registration.

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