Introducing The Write Partner

The Write Partner is not just a newsletter. It’s your career partner.

Writer and advocate, counsel and drafter, teacher and student, The Write Partner is your quintessential partner in your professional career.

Improving your legal-writing skills is a lifelong endeavour.

As your right partner, The Write Partner will expose legalese and verbosity in conventional legal writing, and sometimes ridicule them.

The Write Partner will teach techniques for writing clear, concise, and cogent legal prose, and sometimes learn from you.

The Write Partner will help you enhance your persuasive power in legal writing, and help you win.

The Write Partner is a quarterly e-newsletter published by The Write House.

The Write House is Africa’s frontline team of legal-writing consultants, experts, and trainers. We pioneered the Plain English movement in Nigeria by launching the plain-English movement into the Nigerian legal system. The Write House is now the acknowledged authority in Nigeria on legal writing curriculum and pedagogy.

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Happy New Year, happy partnership.

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