Not this- But this

Severe is never a verb. You cannot severe your relationship with the firm. You may sever your relationship with the firm, or sever your ties to your homeland.

Surety is not pronounced shotee. Surety is pronounced shor’ti. Bite the r. Pronounce the r.

You can’t reply a letter or an email. You reply to a letter or an email.

Dear Ma is wrong. Write Dear Madam. (And, whether in speech or in writing, prefer madam or ma’am to ma.)

Corrupt politicians and contractors can’t eat money. Eating always involves chewing and swallowing. Corrupt politicians and contractors embezzle or steal money. And yes, stealing in public office is corruption. You can’t eat money, even if you’re neither a politician nor a contractor, and even if you’re as honest as Abraham Lincoln. You spend or waste money.

All what I’m saying, all what she’s doing etc are bad English. The correct expressions are all that I’m saying or all I’m saying, and all that she’s doing or all she’s doing. Nix all what.

There is no such time as 12am or 12pm. 12 o’clock is either 12midday (12noon) or 12 midnight. You can also simply say midday, noon, or midnight. Let’s meet at noon. Let’s dine at midday. Let’s dance at midnight. The meeting will start at 12noon. Breakfast ends at 12midday. Dinner ends at 12midnight.

You can’t be afraid of your life, can you? I love my life. I’m not afraid of it. When threatened, I may be afraid for my life or afraid for my health or afraid for my safety.

Surgeons don’t operate patients—they operate on patients. So you can’t say she was operated. Say instead she was operated on.

Ask and axe are pronounced differently. Ask is pronounced ask; axe is pronounced aks. Asked is pronounced askt.

Equipment is not a countable noun, so you can’t say an equipment or equipments, no matter how many items of equipment you’re referring to.

Furniture is not a countable noun, so you can’t say a furniture or furnitures, no matter how many items of furniture you mean.

I look forward to see you is wrong. The correct expression is I look forward to seeing you.

If I am chanced, when I am chanced are such horrible expressions they would make the angels weep! Consider If I have the chance, if I have the time, when you get the chance, when you have time.

I don’t know it off head is not English. The Queen of England would cringe! She would be mad at you if you said that. To be off one’s head is to be mentally deranged. You’re not mad, I’m sure, even if you madden the Queen. Say I don’t know it by heart. The Queen would then smile.

Quit lying: she is not on seat, he is not on seat etc. That’s bad English. Besides, on an unclear line, someone might think you said she is not on heat. Say she is not available right now.

Where are you at? is, to quote Bryan Garner, a “badge of illiteracy.” Say where are you?

Bindingness is not an English word, no matter how many times you encounter it in some law reports. Try binding force. If it doesn’t work, redraft.

Pant trousers or pants trousers is rubbish. The British refer to that item of clothing as trousers; the Americans pants– choose one.

Flat apartment has been creeping into the lexicon of the linguistically challenged real-estate market. Apartment is American dialect for flat, the British term. Choose one.

Don’t say how it looks like. Say what it looks like or how it looks.

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