The Write House joins Clarity International.

Clarity is an international association that promotes plain legal English. Founded in 1983, Clarity is a worldwide group of lawyers and others who advocate using plain language in place of legalese.

The Write House has joined Clarity International. As pioneers of the Plain-English movement in Nigeria, The Write House shares similar goals with Clarity International.

Both The Write House and Clarity International promote the use of good, clear English by the legal community. According to Clarity International in the maiden issue of its Clarity Journal, it hopes to achieve this aim by:

1. avoiding archaic, obscure and over-elaborate language in legal work;

2. drafting legal documents in English that is both certain in meaning and easily understandable;

3. exchanging ideas and precedents, not to be followed slavishly but to give guidance in producing good written and spoken legal English; and

4. exerting a firm but reasonable influence on the style of legal English, with the hope of achieving change in fashion.

The Write House democratizes access to law by promoting plain English in legal communication and writing. The Write House has been doing this by exposing lawyers and others to international best practices in legal writing.

Before joining Clarity, The Write House was recently awarded global recognition by Global Legal English, the international organization behind Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES). This came after several years as the accredited representative in Nigeria of TOLES.

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