About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Write House

The Write House was set up to fill the writing gap in law through legal-writing consulting and training. At The Write House, we have a uniquely firm grasp of legal-writing art and science. We are Africa’s frontline team of legal-writing consultants, experts, instructors, and mentors.

We teach legal writing at private firms, public agencies, and public forums. We also provide consulting services in all aspects of legal drafting.

Pioneer of the Plain English movement in Nigeria, The Write House is the accredited representative in Nigeria of the global Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES). The Write House is now the established authority in Africa on legal-writing curriculum and pedagogy.

What We Do

— As legal-writing consultants, we prepare, edit, and review briefs, contracts, judicial drafts, and legislative bills.

— As legal-writing trainers, we organize inhouse and public workshops on legal writing for courts, law firms, law schools, legal departments, private firms, and public agencies.

— As pioneers of the Plain English movement in Nigeria, we teach legal communication and writing in line with international best practices.

Our Vision & Mission

— To be at the forefront of a client-centered and service-oriented legal community through clarity in communication and writing.

— To democratize access to law by promoting plain English in legal communication and writing





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